Arena Masking & Reduction Systems

Upper Masking Systems

Upper Bowl Masking Systems downsize the number of seats available for smaller shows and sporting events. This makes the facility appear full and provides better acoustics. The systems feature a series of drapes that ring the entire upper level of an arena or stadium to mask off seating areas. You can also break up the system into sections so you can open different seating areas if needed.


Half-House Systems feature masking drapes at the back of the stage that can be moved in any direction in the lower seating bowl. They downsize an arena or stadium for special events. When not in use, the drapery is easily stored on a truss or in storage hampers.

Clear Story Draping Systems

Clear Story Draping Systems are mainly used to block out light from windows for daytime acts. The system can be a manual or motorized operation depending on light bleed locations.

Vomitory Drapery and Tracks

Vomitory Drapery and Tracks are placed in entrances of the arena’s seating bowl. They block out light from the concourse during shows.

Club Level, Concourse and Event Level Masking

Club Level, Concourse and Event Level Masking Systems prevent light from bleeding into the bowl during concerts. They also allow food vendors to sell during showtime.

TIFO Rigging Systems

TIFO drapes are used for indoor and outdoor soccer events. The drapes are painted and assembled by patrons of the soccer team. Patrons can operate the system from the seating area with pulleys and ropes or the system can be motorized to deploy at the push of a button.

Concession Masking

Concession Masking Systems close off concession stands when not in use. Tracks and drapery are mounted to the ceiling and operated manually.

Back-of-House Reduction Drapes and Tracks

Back-of-House Reduction Drapes and Tracks create a private club-like atmosphere in storage areas and open spaces for special events and gatherings. In many cases, the performing acts will use this area for meet-and-greets and photo opportunities. This space can also be used for additional dressing rooms, hospitality areas and food preparation.