Aluminum Truss

Tiffin Scenic Studios engineers and manufactures custom and standard aluminum and steel trussing to suit your specifications.

Our aluminum and steel truss inventory includes:

  • Lighting trusses

    The Tiffin CHEETAh truss is durable, efficient and compact and requires no additional storage cart.

  • Video trusses

    The Tiffin V-Loc truss is designed for LED walls and moves freely on a track.

  • Rotating indexable fork ends

    The rotating functionality of the fork ends at the tip of each aluminum truss creates a hinge point for any direction.

  • Triangular trusses

    Our triangular trusses include 12”, 18” and 20.5” bolt plates and a 12” steel fork end.

  • Box trusses

    We offer utility, medium-duty, heavy-duty and tower bolt plates that vary from 8” to 30”. Tiffin Scenic also has steel fork ends.

  • Circular trusses

  • Ladder trusses

    Our ladder trusses include 12” bolt plates and fork ends.

  • Corner blocks

    We provide 2- to 6-way, 12” corner blocks available for any truss style. Powder coating and anodizing are available upon request.

  • Truss and rigging accessories

  • Hinges and hinge blocks

    We offer custom, bookend and center pivot hinges with powder-coating and anodizing available upon request.

  • Truss wedges

    Fixed and adjustable truss wedges are available for any aluminum truss.

  • Ground support systems

    Tiffin Scenic has array towers that support up to 1,700 pounds of equipment as high as 21’, such as entrance halls and concerts. Goal posts can support various devices and entertainment equipment like backdrops and automated lighting fixtures.