Created in 1901 by scene artist Daniel O’Connell, Tiffin Scenic Studios has become one of the country’s foremost stage designers and manufacturers.

Originally located in an old theatre building, our initial services included painting, finishing drapery and refurbishing scenery and drapes for trouping vaudeville and opera companies. During the Prohibition Era, we moved to a former brewery. The building’s size and shape proved ideal for housing multiple paint frames and motorized paint bridges, essential components of the scenic trade.

During the 1920s and 30s, Tiffin Scenic equipment was installed in over 190 commercial theatres throughout 22 states.

Our company was incorporated in 1941 by the president and major stockholder, James F. Kuebler. As vaudeville’s activity diminished, Kuebler shifted the company focus from painted scenery to stage machinery. His inherent mechanical and technical skillset pushed our team to produce many stage rigging innovations with an enhanced focus on safety features.

At that point, Tiffin Scenic equipment became synonymous with fine quality and dependability.


Tiffin Scenic Studio’s 23,000 square-foot facility includes 15,000 feet of manufacturing space and 6,000 feet of enclosed steel and equipment storage, with the remaining area devoted to offices, engineering and drafting space. The building’s 65-foot tower is equipped with a small gridiron section at the top and four runs of standard T-bar guides. That setup allows 60 feet of vertical travel for the development and testing of winch and counterweight rigging.

Our warehouse features five lathes. The largest lathe can turn 30-inch-diameter sheaves, four overhead electric trolley hoists, a radial drill, three spindle drills, a milling machine, three metal cutting band saws and a reciprocating metal saw. Other equipment includes a ¼-inch x 5-foot plate shear, an alligator shear, a forming press and punch press, grinders, bolt threaders, arbor presses and forming dies.

We provide all essential pattern equipment for making a wide variety of sheave castings at the foundry, which pours 30,000-psi tensile inoculated semi-steel. That ensures maximum strength in Tiffin Scenic stage rigging.

Two welding shops and a ventilated spray paint area with a trolley conveyor complete our manufacturing facility.

That strategic lineup of robust equipment empowers Tiffin Scenic Studios to produce high-quality stage machinery to exact specifications.

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