Dead Hung Rigging

We supply dead hung rigging for facilities that don’t have fly lofts. Pipe battens or pipe grids are suspended with dead hung connections. The battens don’t move once they’re hung, but the drapery can still travel crosswise.

Our suspension hardware ensures safe attachment and includes:

  • Bar joists

    We attach our TSS saddle clip-type connections to utilize the panel point strength. We also use compression plates, clips and Unistrut.
  • I-beams

    This hardware accommodates many types of suspension, including dye cut, adjustable beam clamps and compression clamps.
  • Concrete

    A variety of anchors can attach to concrete. We will assess your facility to determine your specific requirements.
  • Dead hung connections

Tiffin Scenic Studios produces scenery rollers with all-wood skeletal structures wrapped with heavy muslin cloth and sealed with special glue. That process ensures your roller is dead hung full drop and minimizes sag.