Fire Curtains

Our fire drapes are made of black or tan fiberglass fabric that passes all standards for ASTM E-119 and ASTM E-84.

We have three basic styles:

  • Straight lift

    These fire drapes come with a 2.5” galvanized steel schedule 40 pipe that fits inside a pocket at the top and bottom of the lift. The top pipe attaches rigging cables, and the bottom pipe keeps the fire drape taut. Side guides ride on tensioned side guide wires.
  • Brail lift

    We provide brail lifts if you don’t have a fly loft with ample space to store a straight lift fire drape. The rigging cables attach to the bottom batten and lift the drape, compressing the fabric into smaller vertical panels.
  • Framed lift

We offer fire drape hoists, including:

  • Line shaft hoists

    The line shaft hoist operates large fire drapes up to 1,400 pounds. The drape is held in place by a disk brake engaged by the fire line. We can customize the shaft length and number of drums for your project requirements.

  • Motorized and manual vane pumps

Tiffin Scenic Studios also offers fire drape equipment:

  • Dashpot

    A dashpot is attached to the stage floor and slows a drape’s descent to provide a soft landing.

  • Release systems

    We offer various fire drape release systems, including automatic release systems, guaranteed power systems and fusible link pelican hook release systems.

  • Lattice tracks

    The lattice track is attached to the front wall of the stage and supports the fire drape’s counterweight arbor.

  • Head blocks

    A head block carries the entire load attached to the batten and collects individual lift lines to turn them downward in their grooves toward the floor.

  • Heat borders

    This equipment protects drapery and scenery from the heat of theatrical lighting. Styles include horizontal, vertical and combination.