Motorized Rigging

Control Systems

Control systems range from simple push buttons to a computerized system with precise control of speed and positioning.

Tracker Elite

Tracker Pro

Tracker Mini

Tracker Access

Push Button Controls

Customs Control

Packaged Hoist

Tiffin Stinger Hoist

The Stinger Hoist provides safe, flexible drape operation with an industrial touch-screen computer, full system monitoring, load-sensing capabilities and a red mushroom emergency shop button. The Stinger is available for underhung, upright and vertical mounting.

Zero Fleet Hoist

Line Shaft Hoist

The line shaft hoist operates large fire drapes up to 1,400 pounds. The drape is held in place by a disk brake, which is engaged by the fire line. When released, a dashpot controls the drape’s descent. We can customize the shaft length and number of drums for your project requirements.

Motor Assist Hoist

Direct Wrap Hoist with Staggered Head Block

Capstan Hoist

The mobile capstan winch helps raise and lower an out-of-balance system. Once the arbor is at the proper elevation, counterweights may be added to balance the system. The mobile winch is manufactured with a gear motor and a brake within the motor, plus a starter, drum and controls. The capstan winch can be easily positioned along the locking rail by the incorporated fixed and swivel casters. The winch is then pinned to reaction tubes that are secured to the front of the locking rail. (Reaction tubes sold separately.)

Pile-On Hoist

The pile-on hoist is a yo-yo drum winch available in various configurations of lift lines, speeds and loads. It accommodates up to ten lifting cables and up to 1,000-pound loads.

Point Hoist

Point hoists provide an individual winch for each lift line, enhancing flexibility, speed and capacity.

Self-Climbing Hoist

The self-climbing hoist is ideal for low-profile installations that feature large lifting capacities. It consists of a line-shaft design enclosed in an aluminum truss to allow for variable widths and a variety of lighting distribution options. Lifting cables and power and control cables follow the truss as the system moves.

Chain Motors

Chain Hoist Ponies

The grid-mounted chain motor hoist pony accommodates chain motors placed on a grid in any configuration. The stands can easily be moved and attached to an existing structure. (Attaching hardware not included.) Two styles are available: the CMS-1TG, which attaches to a rigid channel grid, and the CMS-1TF, which helps distribute the load on a flexible surface.

Chain Motor Brackets

Chain motor brackets are designed to attach to a half-ton chain motor.

Custom Hoist

Tiffin APEX Truss Hoist

Double Drum Hoist