Related Products

  • Picture Screens


    Motorized picture screens are automatically rolled via the wired control box or the wireless remote control.

    Flying Frames

    A flying frame is used to secure a projector for “flying” in a suspended installation and/or for stacking two projectors together.

  • Acoustical Ceiling Shells and Towers

    Acoustical ceiling shells are composed of movable panels that lock into place, accommodating a variety of applications and group sizes. The panels combined with mobile towers create an insulated, resounding performance space. And the lightweight construction and wheeled mover make it easy to transport and store the towers.

  • Chain Motors

    For more information, please contact us.

  • Pit Fillers

    Pit fillers expand the usable space and allow you to better reach your audience. The portable stage decks and supports can be used at the pit, audience and stage levels.