Wire Tension & Pipe Grids

Wire Tension

Wire tension panels create a pliable, elevated walking path in performance spaces. The construction is strong enough to carry the weight of your team members and their equipment, empowering sound and lighting engineers to light or rig through virtually any point. The grid panels are custom designed for virtually any space. The vertical hangers are engineered to support up to 2500 pounds and can be supplied with lighting branches that can be rotated horizontally for unlimited lighting positions. Black or galvanized 1/8-inch 7×19 cable is available and installed on two-inch centers in opposing configuration, creating a woven pattern. That results in 20 pounds per square foot rating and even higher point loading depending on panel size.

Pipe Grids

Pipe Grids are perpendicular cross-hatched 1.5-inch schedule 40 pipes attached to the overhead structure. (Learn more about Dead Hung attachments. ) With a designed load rating of 25 pounds per linear foot of pipe, they can support scenery, tracks, drapery and lighting instruments.